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Enjoy taking our next LIVE class. November 18, 2017. This will be our NINTH class.

Learn How to Test for (and correct) Hidden Factors that Sabotage Spinal Alignment and Health.

Dear Health and Knowledge Seeker, 

My name is Dr. Stuart Marmorstein (pictured above on your left). I’ve been a practicing Chiropractic Doctor, Researcher and Postgraduate Instructor for over FORTY years. One key factor in my clinical practice success has been Muscle Response Testing, or Kinesiology.

What frustrates many people who visit chiropractors, massage therapists and other bodyworkers for care? Treatments that seem to fall apart a few days — or even a few hours — after they've been delivered!

The researcher in me wanted to know WHY adjustments and other treatments don't always last the way they should.

The correct answer is NOT typically one of the following:

1) The doctor doesn't do a competent job adjusting the patient.

2) The patient doesn't really want to get better and isn't following doctor instructions.

3) It's normal to need lots and lots of treatment.


The REAL reason for so much instability is that the brain learns to turn muscles off in response to strong real-life stimuli, and these patterns of unhealthy, weak muscle responses become embedded.

In my private practice, I found that my patients' spines were no longer protected by muscle tone, and were going to dangerous and painful places.

Fortunately, I found a solution: Specific reflex points on acupuncture meridians could be stimulated, and the crazy unhealthy responses eliminated. Thus, KIFE℠ (rhymes with LIFE!) was born.

KIFE℠ stands for "Kinesiology is for Everyone.℠" I reasoned that since no spinal manipulation or treatments requiring healthcare credentials, degrees or licenses were involved, I could offer classes to anyone interested in acquiring these skills.

Some of my Houston patients have taken these classes and proven that they can use muscle testing analysis and point stimulation (fingertips only — no needles or instruments) and duplicate my results with the kinds of specific problems described below.

As you'll read in THEIR words, the classes have proven worthwhile. Based on their encouragement, I decided to make these live classes more readily available to people both in and out of Houston.

You can start using Muscle Response Testing in just a few hours!

No healing arts degrees, credentials or previous knowledge required (but doctors are welcome!)

No equipment or table needed.

Safe, legal and effective techniques to share with family and friends.

Did you know that muscles can be turned off by:

  • 1. EMFs from WI-FI and mobile phones.

    You can't see EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from phones, tablets and wi-fi with your eyes, but most people react adversely to their influence — even at a distance! Furthermore, the devices that some people use on their phones or wear on the body to protect them don't really work. You will soon be able to help the body adapt to these frequencies and end the harmful effects.

  • 2. Driving your car.

    Climbing into a car, putting your hand on the steering wheel, stepping on the gas and brake pedals can turn off muscles in your neck, back and legs, causing muscle strain and joint pain. These effects can be eliminated by rubbing just a few specific reflex points after performing your muscle tests. Learn which ones can bring back the fun in driving.

  • 3. Sleeping and other positions.

    What happens to you if your muscles turn off because you sleep on your side? Are your vertebrae "slipping" out of alignment because you bend over to pet Rover? What about when you kneel to garden or cross your legs? These are a few of the many innocent, everyday activities that can, quite frankly, mess you up. But there is a fix for them. Find out what to do in our live class.

  • 4. Office work.

    Can typing, using a mouse or looking at a computer screen hurt you? Oh, no! What about turning your head to the side because of your monitor position? Don't settle for aches and pains as a necessary price for earning your keep. Get these taken care of in the class and become the wizard who can help others.

  • 5. Sights, words and thoughts.

    TOTALLY bizarre! Can looking in a mirror, checking your watch or looking at a twenty-dollar bill wreak havoc with your muscles. I hate to tell you this, but YES, they can. Put an end to this now. Can hearing a word, closing your eyes or thinking of a person you've had trouble with like an "ex" or a parent or sibling turn you off? Sure can. Don't live like this: you don't have to!


Comments from our Kinesiology is for Everyone℠ students.

“I found the class offered by Dr Marmorstein so helpful, I attended it twice!

The empowering and positive effect of the information presented is attainable right away. He took a potentially complicated subject and made it extremely usable with streamlined explanations and methods that are fairly easy to perform. I enjoyed and directly benefited from all of the in-class practice sessions.

Influencing health is a passionate subject for me, so I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this avenue of self-treatment.

Extremely patient and ever-ready with an straight-forward explanation, Dr Marmorstein deserves huge kudos for making this opportunity for health-enhancement available to a wide audience. I would strongly recommend KIFE to anyone who is willing to be proactive about increasing their vitality.”

Well, I got my money's worth and more. Kinesiology is for Everyone℠  changed the way I look at healing and brought practical application to ancient healing traditions I could use on myself. I also met some really cool people.

I found one skill he taught in class particularly beneficial as it released old traumas allowing a person to heal much quicker with the bodies natural resources. All I can say is I am now eager to take part in Dr. Marmorstein's Kinesiology is for Everyone℠  Advanced class.

If you're interested in understanding ancient healing arts for yourself or if you are on a journey as an alternative health practitioner I highly recommend Dr. Marmorstein's Kinesiology is for Everyone℠  class.”

“Having been a patient of Dr. Stuart's I understood the effectiveness of muscle testing, but did not grasp specificity of what was happening.

Dr. Stuart is a wonderful teacher. He answered questions with patience. He helped the students master the correct techniques with kindness. I have been practicing on my family members and gaining confidence, it really is quite easy. It is a great asset to have this knowledge in my tool chest.

I am very grateful for Dr. Stuart sharing this information with us with a 'passing the torch' kind of attitude. He really wants to help others and it shows.”

“I was incredibly excited when Dr. Stuart offered the KIFE class. It lived up to my expectations, and I have already put it to use with myself, family, friends, and students.

With it I have been able to identify and change body patterns and release both new and old injuries. It has become a great resource for me to solve physical problems with musicians, gives me a way to "re-set" after I accidentally trip and fall or the dogs bonk me on the chin, and allows me to check in with my body when something feels "off."

I am so grateful to Dr. Stuart for not only delving into work of this kind himself, but for his willingness to share it with others so we can bring more healing energy and body awareness into our lives overall. For me, the KIFE class was a great way to step into more self-directed and connective relationship with my body, and it gave me a window through which I could see and help others. I recommend it without hesitation and can't wait for an advanced class!”

“I have participated in Dr. Stuart's Kinesiology is for Everyone (KIFE) class recently and discovered many valuable techniques that would allow me to help heal myself. Many techniques were discussed at the class and I could go on about all of them, but one in particular (Injury Recall Technique) has had the most impact for me. The body has an amazing ability to hold on to everything that has happened to us - the good and the bad. Unfortunately, when the body holds on to a negative event, those events in effect get "stuck" and create issues for the body. Dr. Stuart taught us how to clear past negative events with the Injury Recall Technique and WOW, what an impact! Issues that have been "hanging around" for years and we could never get to got cleared away. one quick example is a foot that would constantly go out of place and hurt to take every step- gone! I can walk around without limping!”

“In addition, Dr. Stuart explained that things like tooth extractions, surgery, mammograms have a cumulative impact on the body. So, clearing them allows the body to get back to working as designed. -- Cleared them all!! Its hard to explain the impact but I can tell my body just feels better - like it is working smoother. During an office visit, you tend to remember just one or two events and Dr. Stuart gets them cleared away immediately. However, then you leave and you think of 10 more - a bump here, the time you fell off your bike and hit the sidewalk hard at age 6, and all the rest of the little things that you don't think would have an impact. The body remembers and puts something in to shield that area which was great for a time but is now not needed and is doing more harm than good. How great to be able to clear them ALL right when you think of it. I definitely recommend taking Dr. Stuart's KIFE class and learning these valuable techniques to help yourself move forward on your healing journey. And as a bonus... you can help others in your life as well! Dr. Stuart is a tireless student of the body and works to constantly learn modalities/techniques to help his patients and this class is a way to learn them for yourself.”

Bonus Material: Injury Recall Technique for faster healing, increased flexibility, and more energy.

Did you know INJURIES, such as SPRAINS, FRACTURES and EVEN the effects of INVASIVE MEDICAL and DENTAL PROCEDURES Can Cause PERMANENT DAMAGE to our ability to relax and heal?

You will learn a safe and legal way to test for and correct these imbalances in this class!

Watch this 9-minute video demonstration by Dr. Marmorstein.  The effects of this method are dramatic and profound. Within 3 minutes, you will GET IT.

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Individual Student: $175, Special Couple Rate: $300.

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Legal Disclaimer: The methods you will learn are not meant as a substitute for competent medical, chiropractic, psychological or other professional care. They are not designed to help diagnose or cure disease. If you are concerned with a specific personal health issue in yourself or another person, you or they should seek the care of the appropriate healthcare provider. Kinesiology is for Everyone℠ and Dr. Stuart Marmorstein take no responsibility for improper application of the techniques taught in this class or from any complications that may arise in a person’s condition from neglecting to seek proper care.